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When the final bell rings, it’s not just about championships or main events; it’s more about making the fans react. And throughout the history of WWE, there have been some incredible managers who were successful in inciting the emotions of the WWE Universe.


For the first time ever the great Managers of WWE are now stepping in the world of WWE Mayhem. These Managers will not only be incredibly interesting and engaging but also will add layers to your in-game action and a different dimension to your team! Introducing Miss Elizabeth and Ted DiBiase as Managers who will enhance the performance of all team members on your roster as well as add unique Power Stat as an advantage.


Managers in WWE were mainly used as tools to win wrestlers with their limited mic skills over with the crowd. Some of them used their incredible charisma to either intimidate or distract their opponents. And then there were infamous managers who got under the opponent's skin either by instigating them physically inside the ring or by playing dirty games outside the squared circle.

While only 1 manager can be assigned to a team at a time, the Managers of Mayhem come in 4 different Classes based on distinct manager personalities.


Managers are available via the "MY TEAM" section in the bottom navigation bar. Similar to how Managers in WWE add something to the storylines and rivalries, the Managers of Mayhem also affect your gameplay and progression. Managers come with a brand new game mechanic called POWER STATS. When fully charged and triggered while a match, it gives you an advantage over your opponent. Manager Power Stat System will work independently of Superstar Ability and Enhancement System so as to create interesting interactions between the two systems.

Each and every action within the game will help fill the charge meter of the POWER STAT BUTTON also depending on the Manager appointed by you. This can be viewed in MY TEAM> MANAGER> ACTION INFO and Pause Menu.

Once charged, you can tap the POWER STATS BUTTON to activate the Manager Advantage which can be viewed in MY TEAM> MANAGER> POWER STATS. The Power Stats increases with every Upgrade of the Manager.


To make your Managers stronger and increase the impact of POWER STATS, they need to be Leveled-up and Ranked-up by new materials - Contracts and Cards respectively.

Leveling up managers increases their stats by a small amount. Similar to Superstars, Managers too would need to reach the maximum level before they can Rank-up. Each Rank-up increases its overall effectiveness.

Managers attain 3 ranks before they are maxed out.





Managers can only be earned by completing Collections and Triumphs. Know more.

The Managers of Mayhem are here to take your gameplay experience to a whole new level. Get ready to #BringontheMayhem!

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