• WWE Mayhem


As The Hurt Business joins the Mayhem, there's no telling how much more they will accomplish if business keeps booming.


  • Play Hurt Business Campaign Events to earn Hurt Tokens

  • Hurt Tokens will also be available from other sources such as Daily Login, Mayhem Pass etc.

  • Exchange the Hurt Tokens to collect Hurt Business Lootcase*

  • Open the Hurt Business Lootcase to get MVP & Bobby Lashley on your roster

*Get Hurt Business Lootcase for 1000 Hurt Tokens.

2-4 Star Hurt Business Lootcase - 5000 Hurt Tokens

3-5 Star Hurt Business Lootcase - 7500 Hurt Tokens


The campaign brings you opportunities to get the Hurt Business Superstars on your roster. Either get MVP and Bobby Lashley directly from Versus Events or collect Hurt Tokens to get them on your roster.

VERSUS EVENTS: Top the Versus Leaderboards to get respective Superstars on your roster.

HURT BUSINESS EVENTS: Fight MVP and Bobby Lashley in the Regular Hurt Business Branched Events.

ULTIMATE GIANT EVENT: Face the ultimate best of The Hurt Business superstars in their respective Ultimate Giant Events.

HIT WHERE IT HURTS (1vs1) EVENT: Fight 1-on-1 with MVP and Bobby Lashley up to 10 times in their respective "Hit where it Hurts" event.

Win Hurt Tokens from all of the above events and claim the Hurt Business Lootcase to get MVP and Bobby Lashley on your roster. The duration of all the above mentioned events with their respective Featured Bosses is mentioned ahead.

WWE Mayhem MVP Hurt Business