• WWE Mayhem


Go all-out with WWE Mayhem Elite. A whole new layer of activities will be accessible to players, which seeks to give variety and variation over and above the current activities. Welcome WWE Elite Mayhem which brings you Elite Events, Elite Superstars, Elite Lootcases, Elite Keys.

While the game’s been evolving ever since, the new Elite System is here to take it to the next level. Know how:

  • The new layer of Elite Events can be unlocked at Level 12

  • Types of Elite Brand Events: RAW, SDL, Icons, NXT, Hall of Fame, Hero, Authority and Evolution

  • Elite Events will give out respective Elite Brand Keys & other rewards

  • The Elite Keys can be used to exchange respective Elite Brand Lootcases

  • These Lootcases will feature Elite Superstars of respective Brands

  • Elite Superstars will only be available in their respective Elite Brand Lootcases

  • 1000 Shared Elite Keys will be required to open 2-4 Star Lootcases

  • 2500 Shared Elite Keys will be required to open 3-5 Star Lootcases

  • All the balance Superstars will fall in Base Pool and will continue to exist in Lootcases where they have been available always

  • A few of the Elite Events (Raw, SDL, Icons, NXT) will repeat in a cycle of 6 weeks while others will be even more exclusive (Hall of Fame, Hero, Authority and Evolution) and will repeat in 12 weeks

  • Respective Shared Elite Keys will also be available via the Alliance Season of that Elite week

As of Update 44, there will be new Elite Lootcases. These Lootcases when compared to the Basic Brand Lootcases will contain exclusive Elite Superstars, who will not be available in any other Lootcase. The Elite Brand Lootcases can be exchanged for Elite Brand Keys that can only be earned from the Elite Events showcased below:


The Elite RAW Events will last for 4 Days and will only be back after 6 Weeks. Make the best of it while you can, and grab as many Elite RAW Keys as possible.

DURATION: 19 - 22 April 2021


The Elite RAW Superstars will only be available in the Elite RAW Lootcase.

ELITE RAW SUPERSTARS: AJ Styles (2/3/4/5), Alexa Bliss (2/3/4/5), Alexa Bliss The Fiend (3), Asuka (2/3/4/5), Becky Lynch (2/3/4/5), Becky Lynch Alt (2/3/4), Bobby Lashley (2/3/4/5), Braun Strowman (2/3/4/5), Bray Wyatt "The Fiend" (2/3/4/5), Bray Wyatt FH (3/4/5), Charlotte Flair (2/3/4/5), Drew McIntyre (2/3/4/5), Edge (3/4/5), Edge Alt (3/4/5), Jeff Hardy (2/3/4/5), Randy Orton (2/3/4/5), Ronda Rousey (2/3/4/5), Shayna Baszler (2/3/4)