Making informed decisions

As stated earlier, choosing the right Alliance is half the war one. When you're fighting towards a common goal, look out for Alliances and team members matching your vision and portraying the same enthusiasm and passion that you possess. How do you decipher that? Well, there's no way to calculate emotions, but actions do give you a fair idea of the direction an Alliance and its members are heading towards.

There are certain aspects that need very calculative decisions, like Sending Invites to Players, Accepting/Rejecting Requests or Joining an Alliance etc. Such decision can be taken based on the following:

  • Alliance Information

  • Player Profile

Alliance information consists of the following data points that can help you take decisions:

  • Privacy - Some Alliances are not very active. If a Closed Alliance doesn't respond quick enough to your join request you might end up wasting a lot of time in anticipation. Therefore joining an Open Alliance may be more beneficial.

  • Member Count - Considering Alliances that have no space for a new player you might prefer not wasting your time in anticipation. Or you may choose to consider Alliances that are stronger with maximum no. of member count and claim a spot in the mix, being stronger and well-deserving in all aspects than its other existing members.

  • Country - Consider having great players from other countries. Also, consider the language barrier. Choose wisely.

  • Season Points - Greater the Season Points, more active and strong is the Alliance.

  • Season Rank - Season Rank is the direct showcase of the strength of an Alliance.

  • Date Created - Gives a good insight to compare the performance between two Alliances all through the time they've existed.

  • Description - A good description signifies a lot. It sets-up guidelines and requirements. It may also showcase passion or negligence.

Post making a judgment on the basis of Alliance Info if you choose to move ahead, make sure you do your research on the other members of the Alliance as well. The Player Profile of each Alliance member can also help you evaluate your Alliance journey. Head to the Members Tab and tap on any member to get a pop-up and select View Profile and look for the following determining factors:

  • Icon - Top Left icon is the highest rated superstar the player has with the rating mentioned below the icon. Below is their Username. The top player gives you a good idea of what the player has in his kitty.

  • Alliance Rating - The higher the Alliance Rating, the better is the Alliance.

  • Role - Check the role. If there are no GMs in the Alliance or if everyone except the Chairman is a GM, there is a trend to analyze.

  • Total Base Superstar Rating - This simply showcases the strength of their roster. Higher the better.

  • Top Superstars - Check the Class Diversity. Level-up stats. Superstar mix and come to your own conclusions. Consider your synergy with theirs.

  • Stats - Tour Fights Completed, Versus Event Fights Won, 1 vs 1 Versus Fights Won, Highest Versus Win STreak tell you a lot about the involvement and prowess of the player. Alliance Difficulties Completed, Gifts Sent and Alliance Points Earned establish the team spirit of the player.

The deeper you dig into the player profiles and the more elaborate is your information on the entire Alliance, better are the chances of taking a good decision. So all the information to help you is out there, its up to you how you evaluate Alliances and players.

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