WWE Mayhem brings to you the much-awaited and anticipated Alliance Mode. Let's start with a very basic understanding of this mode.

A group of Mayhemers fighting towards a common goal is called Alliance. The common goal here is to top the Global Alliance Leaderboard. The Alliance Mode opens for everyone at Level 5. Alliances are created for 125 Gold Bars, and can compete in Exclusive Alliance Events. An Alliance can have a maximum of 10 members and a minimum of 1.


There are three ranks in an Alliance: Chairman, General Manager, and Superstars. To know more about them and their respective roles in an Alliance, click here.


Players who are a part of an Alliance are all expected to contribute towards the Alliance by participating in Alliance Events and completing them to gain Point Multipliers. Point Multipliers are applicable to each and every member of the Alliance. Every contributing member of an Alliance gets their fair share of rewards that they receive on achieving specific Milestones and Ranks. Players can also donate Gifts to their teammates who might be in the requirement of an item.


To join an Alliance, you can go to the 'Alliance' tab and scroll through the recommended options. If you are not in an Alliance, you cannot access Alliance Chat, nor can you reap the benefits of the Hustle Currency.

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