An Alliance generally has three designations:


In most cases, the Chairman will be the one who created the Alliance. The Chairman has the authority to promote Superstars in their team, to the General Manager position. The Chairman cannot be kicked out of their Alliance. The Chairman can also transfer its authority directly to a Superstar and gets demoted to the Superstar rank by default. The Chairman can promote all the other Superstars to the rank of General Manager if they intend to. A Chairman can use Alliance Point Multipliers earned by anyone in the Alliance. A Chairman can Invite anyone to join their Alliance and is the only one in the Alliance who can reject or accept Join Requests. A Chairman can Kick anyone out from the Alliance.


IA General Manager is always a Superstar who got promoted to that position by the Chairman. If there are several General Managers in an Alliance and the Chairman decides to leave the group, the highest-ranking General Manager takes on the Chairman position. A General Manager can also use Alliance Point Multipliers earned by anyone in the Alliance and can send out Invites to player's to join their Alliance. General Managers cannot accept or reject Join Requests. General Managers can Kick any of the Superstars out of the Alliance.


Mostly Superstars are players who joined an Alliance (Open or Closed). In some cases, the Chairman may decide to directly exchange positions with a Superstar making that Superstar, the Chairman. In case the Chairman decides to leave the Alliance and there's no General Manager appointed, the Superstar with the highest rating takes on the position. A Chairman can appoint all Superstars to the General Manager position, so there's a possibility that there are no Superstars in an Alliance. A Superstar can only use the Point Multipliers earned by them. They cannot send Invites or Reject/Accept Join Requests. Superstars cannot Kick anyone out of the Alliance but they can choose to Leave it whenever they want.

Now that you know what are the diffrent positions in an Alliance and what are their rights, it's for you to take your role seriously and create the best synergy with your team-mates and get to the top spot on the leaderboard. Make decisions that are Alliance-led and not individual, as that's what the overarching idea of the Alliance Mode is - Working together to be the Best.

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