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Superstar Classes


The Authority has arrived and has set the rules for your WrestleMania journey.  The Road to WrestleMania is your quest towards getting the Authority Superstars by your side. To get more details please head to the Road to WrestleMania update article.


You might have some queries regarding the Road to WrestleMania campaign that will be discussed here:

Q. Who is The Authority?

A.  Authority chars (four of them) are the most powerful characters in WWE Mayhem.  They will be revealed one by one before Wrestlemania in April.


Q. What are the stats of Authority chars?

A. As each character is revealed, their stats will be shared.


Q. How can I take part in Road to WrestleMania?

A.  Most of the Events in March are part of Road to Wrestlemania. So Just play regularly and collect ManiaGold.


Q. What is ManiaGold?

A. ManiaGold is a special currency for Road to Wrestlemania which gives you entry to the Special Wrestlemania Events in April.  


Q.  How much ManiaGold do I need?

A.  Collect as much as possible.  For the events, you need at least 10,000 and 40,000 ManiaGold. More ManiaGold can be used for special Lootcase.


Q.  Where can I get ManiaGold?

A.  Lookout for the ManiaGold symbol for the Events and offers of March.  Events and Offers having these symbols will give out ManiaGold.  Specifically, you can get ManiaGold by doing the following:

  • Login Everyday

  • Play Events – Dailies, Shows, PPVs, Specials

  • Authority Challenges will give out the most ManiaGold

  • Get top leaderboard position in Fastlane Versus Events

  • Buy Offers in March


Q. What can I do with ManiaGold?

A.  Wrestlemania Special Events will have Entry Fees of ManiaGold.   The Entry Fees are – 10,000 and 40,000 for the two special events. 


Q. What do I get for taking part in Wrestlemania Special Events?

A. If you complete the event you will get Authority Featured Lootcase and Authority Lootcases from which you can get the 4 Authority Superstars, the most powerful characters of WWE Mayhem.


Q Will ManiaGold be useful after WrestleMania events?

A. Excess MainaGold will be converted to Cash after a few days of Wrestlemania

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