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Collect ManiaGold and Own The Authority
Road_to_wrestleMania infographic


The Authority has arrived and has set the rules for your WrestleMania journey. Meet the strongest Superstars in the WWE Mayhem Universe. They have better stats than any other superstar in the game and come with abilities that make them unstoppable forces. Get ready to face them soon. Having the Authority Superstars on your roster will be a huge advantage considering the recent game balancing changes and the advent of highly rewarding Ultra Events.



The Road to WrestleMania is your journey towards getting the Authority Superstars by your side. The journey offers you opportunities to collect ManiaGold. ManiaGold is your ticket to the WrestleMania Regular and Special Events (starting 4th April), which is only where you can win the Authority Superstars.


WrestleMania Regular Event Entry Fee – 10,000 ManiaGold*

WrestleMania Regular Event Reward - Authority Featured Lootcase (Chance of an Authority Superstar)


WrestleMania Special Event Entry Fee – 40,000 ManiaGold*

WrestleMania Special Event Reward - Authority Lootcase (100% chance of Authority Superstar)

(* these figures are subject to change)


The entire month will host an array of opportunities to collect ManiaGold:

1. Daily Sampler

2. RAW and SDL

3. NXT and ICONS

4. Authority Challenge Events (Regular and Ultra)

5. Evolution Events (Regular and Ultra)

6. Ability Events (Regular and Ultra)

7. Fastlane Events (Regular and Ultra)

8. St. Patrick's Day Event


Refer to the image above to know your journey in a nutshell or visit the Road To WrestleMania FAQs.


Apart from Events there are other ways to get ManiaGold. Log-in every day, for a regular inflow of Maniagold. The Fastlane Versus events are your shortcuts to WrestleMania where the top leaderboard positions will get a whopping amount ManiaGold. Special Offers throughout March will also include Maniagold in the mix.


So brace yourselves for the journey on Road to WrestleMania and make sure you have enough ManiaGold. Participate in the WrestleMania Events and get Authority Superstars by your side to #BringontheMayhem.

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