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Meet Seth Freakin' Rollins Zombie & Randy Orton Zombie!🔥

🔥 Brace yourselves for an electrifying game-changer! Witness the jaw-dropping arrival of two legendary zombies, the unstoppable Seth Freakin' Rollins and the fierce Randy Orton, as they descend upon the Mayhem arena! Get ready for a spectacle that will redefine the very essence of mayhem! 💀

Seth Freakin' Zombie (6 Star)


👑 Kingslayer Gain: Boost your energy after opponent reversals!

🔥 Undead Messiah: Dash into the unstoppable charge!

🏰 Architect of Doom: Block health steal during opponent signatures!

⚔️ Zombie Slayer: Halt opponent health regen after charge attacks!

🛡️ Untouchable: Become immune to damage after super signatures!

Signature Moves:

💣 Buckle Bomb: Weaken opponents with reduced damage!

👊 Rollins Pedigree: Precise strikes to keep them in check!

Other Abilities:

🩸 Atrophy & Injure: Drain opponent health strategically!

🧙‍♂️ Jinx: Curse opponents with reduced health gain and critical rate!

Randy Orton (The Viper) Zombie (6 Star)


⚡ Strike Force: Amp up tap and swipe damage after critical hits!

🚫 Undead Control: Lock opponents out of reversing special moves!

🔄 The Unholy Boost: Energize yourself with deadly strikes!

🛡️ Apocalyptic Apex Guard: Steal your opponent's energy defense!

🔒 Untouchable: Dive into invincibility after super signatures!

Signature Moves:

💥 RKO & Rope Hung DDT: Exhaust and stun your rivals!

Other Abilities:

💔 Exposed: Break through opponent blocks!

💉 Heal: Recover health after debuffs!

🎯 Precision: Boost your critical rate strategically!

Seize the Moment: Exclusive Limited-Time Offer to Reign Supreme in the Apocalypse!

Join the undead frenzy by participating in the Mayhem Zombies event, earn Mayhem tokens, and seize the 6-star zombie superstars through the exclusive First Pick offer! The apocalypse is here—brace for the mayhem!

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messi ronaldo
messi ronaldo

Can You please fix this issue The download assets is taking so long or get stuck Everytimw i restart the gameit gets stuck please fix this issue


Sahil Malik
Sahil Malik




Dear Sir, I have played the Mayhem game with my full honesty, but on 28th December 2023, when I am playing with 1 star Vader for santa keys my id has been blocked. I have attached the screenshot of that. I request you to please unblock my id as soon as possible becasue I am very near to grab my 1st 6 star player. Last month I have spender my hard earned money for purchasing 6 star keys and I play sincerely without doing any cheap attempt. You can also check this from your end. Please unblock my account. My details are as follows: Device ID - 2481570577b426cb UserName - kusha06 Regards Kusha06



game is stuck at loading screen . I’ve reached out to support twice and still no reply . I’ve put a lot of money into this game and have gotten no help . Unprofessional



Please unblock my I'd. I am playing this game since 2018.

Recently i changed my device and I got blocked.

Now I got my old device back. But my account got blocked. Please unblock my I'd.

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