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Raw, NXT, and SmackDown Meet the Supernatural: WWE Mayhem's Zombie Campaign is Back! 🔥

Hold onto your championship belts, WWE Universe! The Zombie Campaign is making its electrifying return to WWE Mayhem, and it's guaranteed to be a Slobber-Knocker! Get ready to lay the WWE world with undead versions of WWE Champions—The Rock, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. These aren't your average Superstars; they're bringing their own signature moves and finishing maneuvers to the squared circle, adding a whole new level of mayhem!

Step into the Halloween Arena for a no-holds-barred, spine-chilling spectacle. Participate in exclusive events like Zombie Mania and Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree to earn those coveted Mayhem tokens. So, are you ready to rumble? Unleash the mayhem and make this a Zombie Campaign you will remember!

🌟 Meet Your Zombie Superstars! 🌟 - These aren't mere reskins; each zombie superstar comes with their own set of unique abilities and signature damages.

In this year's Zombie Campaign, you'll encounter zombie versions of iconic WWE superstars like

  1. Zombie The Rock: Equipped with an "ATROPHY" ability that rapidly drains the opponent's health. He also possesses a "JINX" ability that diminishes the opponent's health recovery rate.

  2. Zombie The Undertaker: Showcases a "Charge Rage" ability that not only inflicts colossal charge damage but also has the potential to unleash a 'curse' via the "POISON" ability, temporarily reducing the opponent's health.

  3. Zombie Roman Reigns: His "JINX" ability comes with an added 'poison' effect, incrementally sapping the opponent's health as the match progresses.

  4. Zombie Steve Austin: His signature move, the "Zombie Stone Cold Stunner," has been revamped to incorporate a 'stun' effect, temporarily immobilizing opponents and giving you a tactical edge.

These unique abilities and signature damages add layers of strategy and excitement to the gameplay. You'll need to adapt your tactics and make quick decisions to capitalize on these new features, making each match a thrilling and unpredictable experience.

🎯 New Events and Challenges! 🎯

The Zombie Campaign introduces a variety of new events that are distinct from the regular gameplay. These include:

  • Zombie Mania: A high-stakes event where players can earn exclusive rewards and Mayhem tokens.

  • Zombie Mania Graveyard Brawl: A special event set in a graveyard, offering a unique environment and additional challenges.

  • Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree: Celebrate with our Halloween-inspired Arena in a festive gathering.

  • Spooky Spectacle: Experience a breathtaking campaign event where you'll battle it out against Mayhem Zombies and masked creatures. Progress through events by meeting match victory conditions and #BringOnTheMayhem

By participating in these events, players can earn special rewards and Mayhem tokens, which can be used to unlock exclusive zombie loot cases.

🎃 Halloween Arena: Where Spooky Meets Spectacular! 🎃

The Halloween Arena is a special setting available only during the Zombie Campaign. It offers a visually stunning, Halloween-themed backdrop that adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The arena is designed to be both spooky and spectacular, providing an unforgettable gaming experience as you face off against the undead legends of the ring.

🔥 Limited-Time Exclusive Offer: Don't Miss Your Shot to Rule the Apocalypse! 🔥

WWE Universe, listen up! This is the moment you've been waiting for. To elevate the Zombie Campaign to legendary status, we're rolling out an offer that's too good to ignore. For a limited time only, get our exclusive zombie loot case bundles and get ADDITIONAL loot cases absolutely FREE!

Why should you care? Because these aren't just any loot cases. They're your golden ticket to assembling an unbeatable roster of zombie superstars, giving you the firepower to dominate the ring like a true Champion. But here's the kicker: once the Zombie Campaign ends, this offer vanishes into thin air.

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