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The Road to WrestleMania has been a roller-coaster ride from the beginning. From Authority Challenges to Ability Events. From Daily Logins to Ultimate Fastlane Versus ManiaGold Loots. The entire journey has been all about having the Authority Superstars on your roster. The only way to get your hands on them has been to earn your ticket to the WrestleMania Special Events, which definitely come at a cost. ManiaGold!

Each day and every event on the Road to WrestleMania revolved around collecting ManiaGold. Now that the journey is almost over; in no ways is it a dead end to your hopes of participating in the WrestleMania Special Events.

There are several WrestleMania Events coming your way. Not all of them will have the Authority Superstars as event completion rewards. While the "WrestleMania Absolute Event" earns you a guaranteed Authority Superstar on event completion and comes at a cost of 40,000 ManiaGold, the "WrestleMania Fate Event" completion will get you 7 nos. of the "Fate of Authority Lootcase". Each Lootcase comes with a chance of 1 Authority Superstar. So you have 7 chances to get an Authority Superstar on your roster by spending 10000 ManiaGold to enter the event. 

To know more about respective event rewards across the WrestleMania Season and the entry criteria, click here.

We are introducing the ManiaGold Store that offers ManiaGold IAP Packs. The packs will be available for a limited time, where you can purchase all the ManiaGold you need to cover the difference between the 'ManiaGold you have' and the 'ManiaGold you need' to participate in the event/s of your choice.

The details of the packs are mentioned below:

  1. $5 Pack - 2,500

  2. $10 Pack - 5,250

  3. $25 Pack - 13,750

  4. $50 Pack - 28,750

Now you can purchase pack/s of your choice based on the event you wish to enter and get the Authority by your side. That's not all! The "Fate of Authority Lootcase" will also be made available for purchase in the store.
Fate of Authority Lootcase  - 2000 ManiaGold


You can purchase the Lootcase from whatever ManiaGold you've earned across your Road to WrestleMania Journey. You can also purchase ManiaGold from the ManiaGold Store to get the "Fate of Authority Lootcase". The opportunities are endless.


So, head to the ManiaGold Store now and make space for the strongest superstars in WWE Mayhem on your roster.

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