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Hi Mayhemers,


We hope you've been enjoying the versus mode and the opportunities you've been getting to add superstars to your roster through Versus events. After analyzing your playing styles and considering the future of our game across a diverse range of players. We've decided to make some adjustments to the versus mode. 

An overview of the changes is shared below - 

1. Removed Monthly Versus Season, Versus Lootcase and Keys, Rivals Mode and Live Leaderboards
To make room for the new we had to let go of the old. Versus events will now be even more competitive and exhilirating, you'll also be seeing an increase in rank and milestone rewards to balance the rewards from the removed features. 


2. Introducing Respect and Esteem
Players will now be able to earn Respect by winning matches in versus arenas, and milestone rewards. They'll be able to use Respect to enter exclusive rankup versus events and buy Esteem Lootcase from the versus store. The Esteem Lootcase will feature some of the rarest superstars and rewards!


3. Introducing Versus Arena Boosts
An Arena Boost is a score multiplier which can be applied to your Superstars to gain more points in versus arenas when playing matches. Make the most of the limited time boost to grab the most points!


4. Introducing ability to view your Versus Events History
Post the completion of a versus event, you'll be able to view your rank. You'll also be able to view accomplishments for versus events you took part in previously for 24 hours. Strategize and conquer the leaderboard to get your favorite Superstar!


5. Player Bracketing in Versus Events
We noticed newer players having a hard time getting on the versus leaderboard. To level out the playing field, we are introducing player bracketing in versus events (Twan, we are looking at you) Rather than having all players compete in one arena, we'll be having different arenas for beginners, mid game and late game players.


Apart from all of these changes, you'll also be seeing improved matchmaking and a much more balanced AI when playing versus events. If you feel lost and can't seem to get your head over the changes, head on over to the community on Facebook! Our passionate and amazing community of players will surely make you feel comfortable.


Thanks for being a part of the Mayhem and supporting us!

Hope we continue to #BringontheMayhem together!

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