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Superstar Classes



Powerhouse is performed by the fierce, not so good guys, in WWE Mayhem. Superstars who are the ideal heavyweights, known for their huge built, uses brute strength to make moves that require lifting up their opponents during the match.


Example of such a move is Chokeslam, a special which can only be performed by heavyweight Superstars like Kane, Kevin Nash, and The Big Show. Powerhouse is also performed by Superstars who have appalling upper body strength that demands them to lift opponents heavier than their own weight like Batista, Brock Lesnar & Goldberg.

Note: Powerhouse is advantageous against High Flyer.

The information about High Flyer is featured right below:


High Flyer Superstars are known for their usage of ropes, aerial manoeuvres and risk involving stunts. They are highly likely to be the ‘faces’ or so called ‘good guys’ of WWE. These Superstars use highly complex and spectacular moves than their counterparts, who uses brute strength.

High Flying Superstars are really strong against ‘Showman’.

Read about Showman here:


Showman Superstars truly rely on the crowd and give them what they’re there for. These Superstars have amazing showmanship which occasionally turns into show-off. Fans and the crowd love to witness Showmans’ matches as these Superstar’s are extremely talented and have great accomplishments to back them up. A few notable Superstars who’d fall under this class is Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena and The Rock.

Showman Superstars can certainly bring Brawlers to their knees.

Know about Brawlers here:


Brawlers are the Superstars who are extremely wild in the ring and performs take-downs and mounted punches. They make the match really crazy and interesting with their unplanned moves and manoeuvres. Dean Ambrose, Stone Cold Steve Austin are the most sought after Brawlers in WWE Mayhem.

Brawlers are strongest against Wildcard Superstars, about whom, the description is as follows:

Superstars who are effortlessly unpredictable and show off an unconventional gimmick, persona and fighting style falls under the class – Wildcard.


Technicians, explained below, stand no chance in front of Wildcard Superstars.

Superstars who fall under this class are usually termed as amateurs and are accustomed to perform athletic style of moves and manoeuvres in the ring. They apply different grapple holds and are usually good with submissions. Many a times they also perform moves off the top rope like suicide dives.

Technicians are extremely powerful against Powerhouse Superstars.


Now that it’s out in the open, use your roster wisely to attack, defend and win against your opponents!

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