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As the Muscle Monsters get ready to wreak havoc in WWE Mayhem, the giant incarnations of WWE’s most popular Superstars emerge from the darkness. Get ready to face the supernatural monstrosities … if you dare.


Earn Kettlebells from events across the Muscle Monsters Campaign and exchange them to collect Muscle Monsters Lootcase. This Lootcase consists of Monstrous shared keys along with other rewards. Keep collecting these shared keys to exchange them for Lootcases that give out Otis, Big Show, Bray Wyatt (Firefly Funhouse version), and Braun Strowman respectively. Open these Lootcases to get your favorite WWE Superstars on your roster.

Get Muscle Monsters Lootcase for 1000 Kettlebells.


Definitely not for the faint-hearted, each monster featured Lootcase can be exchanged for 5000 Monstrous Shared Keys. Collect Monstrous Shared Keys to get 3/4 Star rarities of Otis, Big Show, Firefly Funhouse version of Bray Wyatt, and Braun Strowman on your roster. Take them into the ring and conquer the squared circle.


The campaign brings you opportunities to get the Muscle Monsters on your roster. Either by getting them directly from Versus Events or by collecting Kettlebells

VERSUS EVENTS: Top the Versus Leaderboards to get respective NXT Superstars on your roster.

MONSTERS OF THE MAT EVENTS: The only way to beat monsters is to outwit them with your smartness. Take your best superstars and enter the ring against the monsters duos with a winning strategy. Play the Monsters of the Mat Event with the best of all you've got.

MUSCLE MONSTERS EVENTS: The 4 featured supernatural monstrosities will each have their respective Muscle Monster Events. Enter these Events featuring respective Superstars as Bosses and win precious Kettlebells.

UNSTOPPABLE MONSTERS EVENTS: These events will challenge players to face the respective Muscle Monsters in their Unstoppable Giant versions and will reward players with Kettlebells and Monstrous Shared Keys. This will be a single node Event.

WEEKLY LEADERBOARD QUESTS: Complete challenges across the Otis and Bray Wyatt (FFH) Quests for amazing Rewards.

5 STAR CHALLENGE EVENTS: As usual, this month too will introduce 2 5-Star Superstars on Early Access - Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair. Dare to take up their respective challenge events to win precious 5 Star Keys.

5-Star Ric Flair - Nature Boy Challenge - 3 July

5-Star Charlotte Flair - Do it with Flair Challenge - 17 July

ALLIANCE SEASONS: The Muscle Monsters campaign will see 2 Alliance Seasons that will feature supernatural monstrosities with other WWE Superstars. Get them on your side and conquer the Alliance Leaderboards.

Muscle Monsters Alliance Season: 7-12 July

Titans Alliance Season: 14-19 July


The campaign will witness Ric Flair 5 Star available on Early Access. Also, 5 Star Goldberg will be available in his Featured Lootcase. 2 additional 5 Star superstars will be available in the new 3-5 Star Featured Lootcase and are comparatively more easily available than the usual 5 Star Superstars. This makes it much easier for the players to enter Events that require 5 Star Superstars and conquer the much dreaded Ultra Events.


Get the Monstrous Mayhem Pass and come back every day to complete challenges in the new Season Quest. Multiply your Quest Rewards for the entire season and claim Kevin Owens Hero Character.

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