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The Mayhem Power advantage is unique as it allows a Superstar to participate in events across all the Brands, i.e. RAW, SDL, NXT and ICONS. Collect Superstars either from their respective Featured Lootcase or by completing the WrestleMania Special Events. Select your desired Exclusive Superstar that you wish to apply Mayhem Power on. Tap on the Items tab and select the Mayhem Power Card to apply the advantage to that Superstar permanently.

A Mayhem Power Card can be earned by opening a Mayhem Power Lootcase. To create one Mayhem Power Lootcase you need to collect 25000 Mayhem Power Keys. Mayhem Power Keys are available in different quantities from the Mayhem Power Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs which can only be exchanged for ManiaGold.

Mayhem Power Bronze - 450 ManiaGold

Mayhem Power Silver - 700 ManiaGold

Mayhem Power Gold - 1200 ManiaGold

Remember to log in every day and participate in each and every event across your Road to WrestleMania journey to collect as much of ManiaGold as possible and grab Mayhem Power Keys. Head to the ManiaGold Store in case you are running short of ManiaGold.

*PS: The Mayhem Power Card has an Active Time Slot of 1 Hour and a Cooldown Time Slot of 10 Hours. Superstars in the  Active Mayhem Power Mode are displayed in a Green frame.

Know more about the Road to WrestleMania 37 journey!

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Jul 21, 2021

I dint get gold after payment of 420 please reply


Baba Kashi Vashi
Baba Kashi Vashi
Apr 09, 2021

Why I am not use my mayhem power card no displayed mayhem power card on my item pls help me

Anthony gaming
Anthony gaming
Apr 13, 2021
Replying to

hi brother all your dubts can be solved by one of the famous youtuber Anthony Gamer YT.

here is his channel's link go and check our there you will find solution



Anthony gaming
Anthony gaming
Mar 31, 2021

HI Mayhmer's Myself Anthony Gamer YT and I am One Of the Content creator of WWE MAYHEM. And i want to say thank you so much mayhem for such a Awesome game. i share my knowledge about wwe mayhem do check out my channel.

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