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Mangers are non-playable characters in the game that support your team of WWE Superstars in various ways. Each manager comes with a set of bonuses that improves the overall performance of your team and gives you added advantage against the opponent. Only 1 manager can be assigned to a team at a time.

Collections and Triumphs are multi-layered objectives and the only source to earn Managers in WWE Mayhem.


A Collection is a set of tasks. Completing tasks will need specific WWE Superstars and accomplishing other objectives. Tasks that can be viewed by tapping the Collection Panel.

Required superstars to complete the tasks are displayed on the Collection Panel.

A Collection can be started by tapping the 'ACTIVATE' button. Only one Collection can be active at a time. Your progress of an incomplete Collection is saved. Tasks can only be completed sequentially. The current task will have to be completed to go to the next task.


Triumphs are a group of Collections. Players can accomplish tasks and complete Triumphs to earn respective Manager Keys. Further, these Keys can be used to get respective managers.

A Triumph is specific to a Manager. It will only give out shards specific to that manager and other rewards.


Collect Contracts (Level-up materials) and Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond Cards (Rank-up materials) from Collections and Triumphs to upgrade your Managers up to their best and gain the maximum advantage out of them.

Collect respective Bronze, Silver & Gold shards to get the Manager of that Rank.


Managers enhance the performance of all team members on your roster as well as add unique Power Stat as an advantage. Know more.

The Managers of Mayhem are here to take your gameplay experience to a whole new level. Get ready to #BringontheMayhem!

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Rischard Rischard
Rischard Rischard
Sep 25, 2021


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