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Hi Mayhemers,


Thanks for your avid participation in Mayhem Fest. Hope you had great fun throughout the WWE Mayhem Anniversary celebration activities across December. Now that we enter into a new year, we intend to create a gameplay experience that makes WWE Mayhem more enjoyable than ever.


Our focus on keeping things fresh tags along major balancing changes in the game. These changes will affect the way you've have been engaged within the game and might seem unpleasant to some at a first glance. However, they are a must for re-setting the foundations right and ensuring a fair and highly enjoyable experience in the long run.


Your competition increases manifolds with the introduction of much awaited 'Alliances' and plenty of events coming to the Versus Mode. The game risks being dominated by a few strong players and leave the rest of the players unable to compete without proper and necessary balancing changes.


Will the current set of changes be the last?

Hell No! Do expect more in the coming weeks. But be rest assured - we'll keep you updated.


Afore-mentioned are some recent changes and a few that can be expected in the near future:



No more Branch Rewards - For some time now we've been intending to increase the Live Events Rewards, but the infinitely available Branch Rewards were a huge hindrance. Some players kept farming it repetitively which is why we kept the 100% Completion Rewards, low. Now with this issue resolved, you'll find a considerable increase in Event Completion Rewards. This week's RAW, SDL and NXT events will start reflecting the change. Also, expect an all-new reward mechanism for Branches coming with the next update.


RAW and SmackDown Live will now follow a new schedule: RAW - Mon to Sun, SDL - Tue to Mon


Weekly Sampler and Weekly Sampler Pro events will now be discontinued. The Sampler Events were meant to experience different fight types in the game, which now gets fulfilled with the Daily Sampler event. 



Parry and Dodge issue - Balancing fights is tricky! Too tough, and it becomes frustrating. Too easy - makes it boring. We listen to your concerns and this is being looked at. Our designers strive to achieve the most enjoyable experience, and the next update should reflect this.



Major feature changes - The next update will see some major changes in the Versus mode. The two key objectives being:

a. To help more players (esp. lower levels) to win more Superstars; and

b. To keep the leaderboard free of hackers for fair game advantage

The rules of the Versus Mode will change. Detailed information will be shared in the coming weeks leading up to the update.



a. We have increased the probability of acquiring 3 Star and 4 Star Superstars in the Premium Lootcase

3 Star Superstar - From 15% to 17%

4 Star Superstar - From 1% to 3%

b. A new Featured Premium Lootcase has been introduced that features the latest released Superstars and has a higher probability of obtaining a 3 Star Superstar (25%) and 4 Star Superstar (5%), when compared to the Premium Lootcase.


We value the time you spend in our game, immensely. We at Reliance Games, assure you that the team thrives on creating the most enjoyable experience for you and will continue working towards achieving the same.


So get your superstars into the ring and #BringontheMayhem

Team Reliance Games

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