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We’ve been working on a way to give you more information about our drop rates on items like lootcases before you purchase them. This information will be available for you to check out in the game starting from our Money in the Bank (9.0) update when it comes out on June 15th, 2018.


Why are you putting this information in now?


Apple has recently introduced new rules for games like ours to make systems more transparent for you. We at RG have also been discussing this for a while, as many of you have asked to see information on the drop rates. We took a fair amount of time to ensure that we display drop rate information in an appropriate and efficient manner.


What items will I get to see the Drop Rates for?


You will see the drop rates displayed for Loot Cases purchasable in the in-game store, inventory and Vault sections.


Where will I find this information?

Within the game, when you go to any of the areas mentioned above to purchase a lootcase, you will find an info icon. When you tap on this icon, you will see the drop rates for the items within the loot cases.

The drop rates will be displayed as a percentage.


Below is an example of how and where this information will be displayed:



How do the drop rates work?


Our drop rates are set in our back-end administration platform for the game. Drop rates indicate the likelihood that you will receive the specified item.


For example - if you buy a Premium lootcase, and the drop rate for a 4-Star Superstar is 1%, this doesn’t mean that if you buy 100 Premium lootcases you’re guaranteed to receive a 4-Star Superstar one time. This means that you have a 1% chance to get a 4-Star Superstar each time you open that lootcase. If you purchase one Premium lootcase, you could receive a 4-Star Superstar, or you could purchase multiple Premium Lootcases and not receive any 4-Star Superstar.


We strongly believe in keeping WWE Mayhem fair for all of our players and our mission is to continue to give you updates on WWE Mayhem and be as transparent with you as possible. Sometimes things can take a little while for us to investigate, research and respond to.

We appreciate your patience, feedback and continued support.




The Reliance Games Team

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