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CT4 Update

What to look forward to in the final Country Testing Update of WWE Mayhem:

  • Add Awesome New Superstars including Sting, Sheamus, Kalisto, Ric Flair and many more to your list of Rosters.


  • Let your friends enjoy the amazing commentary of your match by Jerry Lawler to get applauded when you make your winning move.


  • Build Your Team of Superstars and fight for respect in PvP Tag Team. Crush your opponents’ team one player at a time until they tap out or give up.


  • Defend your glory and position in the leaderboard. Appoint a team of Superstars to defend your championship in PvP Rivals. Increase your defense rating to earn not only respect, but income as well.


  • New Modes : PvP Rivals/Defence and Tag Team helps to bring you closer to the versus lootcase which gives you a chance to unlock epic 1 star superstars like John Cena, AJ Styles, Kane, Dean Ambrose and many more


Grab the chance to experience the last test update and get ready to be rambled during the launch of – first of its kind – Mobile Action Arcade Game – WWE Mayhem!


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