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6 Insights We Got From WWE Mayhem Official Trailer:

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  • We see a lot of spectacular WWE Superstars with their awesomeness translated into a toy-like figurine indulging in a combat, hence, bringing on the table - toys to life experience in an arcade action game with epic-ness of Legends & Superstars intact.

  • Obvious Aggression is a prerequisite in any brawler game, but WWE Mayhem trailer tends to reveal the fun element within the action moves. The Superstars’ specials and finisher moves are exaggerated to an extent that it’s extremely fun to watch your opponent when he caves in and submits at your will. Not to mention, the commentary by Jerry Lawler is something we’re totally looking forward to.

  • RAW, SMACKDOWN, and MAYHEM, three arenas visible in the trailer video looks quite incredible and life-like. Assuming the role of a WWE Superstar in these celebrated arenas would be any WWE Universe Fans’ Dream Come True!

  • Although most similar brawler games have the story mode, but the clues that we get from the video points towards the possibility of Live Versus or PvP mode, which, by the way, would be epic for true gamers. The Arenas, as mentioned previously, also points towards the possibility of the presence of real life events like RAW and SMACKDOWN in the game.

  • The presence of objects like the hammer & chair cannot be ignored and we can assume that there would be our absolute favourite genre of ‘No Disqualification’ matches.

  • Finally, the reward screen during the latter part of the video looked really cool, isn’t it? While the spinning wheel pumps up the suspense quotient, the vault from where in the rewards come to life looks quite attractive.

Hope you’re looking forward to experience the grandeur of the Spectacular WWE Official Action Arcade Mobile Game!


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