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5 Step Journey to become the Ultimate Champion and Top the Global Leaderboard

  • Begin your journey in WWE Mayhem with one of the fan favourite Superstars. Paying attention to the tutorial is extremely important because you wouldn’t want to miss to learn the art of activating a reversal. If so, you’re in for Critical Damage. You start with the story mode and each episode wins you the most sought after ‘Championship Belt’. Not just that, each match helps you gain experience points which is essential for further progress.


  • Win Streak is determined by one and only factor – Skill. As you play Easy, Medium and Hard levels, you enhance your skill and in-turn your chances to win each match increases further. With each victory, you win a definite number of keys, collecting which will help you make your way to the vault and open your lootcase. Lootcases offers Superstars, Level ups and Rank Ups. Upgraded Superstars increases your chances of victory in a match.


  • Know your Superstars and their moves. Carefully evaluating the time to make a special attack or save that energy for performing a reversal is crucial. Pro Tip: Always pay attention to the opponent’s energy bar, because he can totally reverse a reversal.

  • As you progress and collect enough XP to reach level 3, you unlock Versus. PvP or Versus matches you a real opponent from anywhere in the world. You can progress by playing and winning either PvP Rivals/Defense or PvP Tag Team. All three modes helps you win the keys to versus lootcase and also earn cash. The versus lootcase increases the possibility of winning a Superstar of higher star level


  • Reach XP level 4, and you’re in for the adventurous journey to the WWE Universe. Events unlock at level 4. Raw & Smackdown are on-going events and real world events keep featuring in the game time to time. Events will help you make your mark in the leaderboard and win special lootcases which guarantee awesome Superstars and rewards.

Amongst all the adventurous modes, do not forget to join your alliance because it’s your team that will help you in the hour of need. Not to mention, use rewards and currency wisely and keep watching this space for more!





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