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We at Reliance Games are working every day to make your WWE Mayhem experience better. We would like to thank you for continuing to support us and encouraging us to Bring on the Mayhem both in the game and in our work developing the game.


With this Update, we are focusing on ways to add more strategy and depth to the gameplay while creating a richer and more rewarding experience for you, our extended WWE Mayhem Family.


Please find below a brief summary of all the changes happening in WWE Mayhem with this Update.


New Abilities for more Impactful Matches.


Based on community response and in-house testing we realized that pre-existing superstar abilities didn’t come out as well as we expected them to in matches when we first launched the game. Consequentially, we have decided to change all pre-existing abilities and have swapped them out for more impactful ones.


You will be able to access information about each ability (like the name, percent increase,  ability triggers and its duration) in-game.


For a more detailed overview of Class Abilities and what that means and/or changes for you. Keep tuned for our article on the same or you can go through our tutorial on our Youtube channel explaining them.


Each Superstar now has a preferred Move type that does Bonus Damage.


We’ve introduced bonus damage for each Superstar when you use a preferred move type (like charged attacks, Signature move, Submission, No DQ, etc) for that superstar in your matches. You can find that information for each Superstar under abilities.


Damage for all Superstar Moves Adjusted.

There have been a lot of features which have been added since the game’s launch. Some of them being - new superstars, new event types, new modes among other gameplay additions. It’s become imperative for us now to balance the amount of damage from Superstars to improve the game’s meta while giving us more room to introduce new changes.

Increase in Bonus Damage, Ability Stats when Ranking Up Superstars.


Earlier ranking up your Superstar meant increasing their Health and Damage dealt Stats. But, from the extreme rules update not only will you be able to increase these but also increase preferred move bonus damage and their Ability Stats.


Increase in Ratings for Toy Superstars


Based on community feedback and discussions, ratings for all current and future toy Superstars have been revised.They’ll be in effect with the Extreme Rules Update.  


These changes have been made keeping you, the community in mind and we hope you enjoy this update as much as we have enjoyed and still continue to enjoy Bringing the Mayhem to you everyday!



The Reliance Games Team

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